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Romanian Summer Festival | Nuremberg | 01 / 02 July

Visit the Romanian Summer Festival at the Kornmarkt in Nuremberg (Germany) next weekend (Saturday, Sunday).

The festival will offer (from 12:00):
Romanian culinary products, grilled langos, Romanian cakes, kurtoskalacs (tree striezel), a variety of drinks.

A rich artistic programme with light music, folk music, folk dances, party music, rock music.

Playground for children (bouncy castle) | face painting for children.

Various stalls of local entrepreneurs providing information and promoting their activities.

The German-Romanian Cultural Association and the cities of Nuremberg and Brasov are looking forward to your visit.

Akasha Retreat | Pestera | Brasov County

It is a wellness oasis in the village of Pestera, in Brasov County and right in the centre of the beautiful Piatra Craiului National Park. Fitness, yoga, workshops, gym, sauna, hot tub jacuzzi, vegetarian buffets and much, much more.


The AKASHA Wellness Retreat is located in one of the most majestic mountains and untouched nature reserves in Romania. Just around the corner is Bran Castle, the Dracula Castle made famous by writer Bram Stoker, and the mystical Bucegi Mountains with its natural rock formation Sphinx.

Some call the place “the village in the clouds”, and indeed it is. At an altitude of over 1,000 metres, the landscape here is a sea of green, rolling hills with views of the Piatra Craiului mountain massif (2,200 metres).

County Museum of History Brasov / Bastionul Tesatorilor

The History Museum of the City and County of Brasov was founded in 1950 and is located in the former Municipal House in the centre of Piata (Square) Sfatului or, to some extent, in the Tesatorilor Bastion in Brasov (Kronstadt).

The bastion, defended and maintained by the Linen Weavers’ Guild, was built in two stages between 1421 – 1436 and 1570 – 1573. In the first phase, the first two levels of the three battle galleries were built. The upper galleries, built between 1570 and 1573, were for small arms, which could be used through narrow circular firing holes all along the way of the galleries. Two watchtowers were built for the guard, who watched over the city both from a military point of view and from the point of view of observing possible fires.

After restoration, the Weavers’ Bastion was turned into a museum.

DAN AIR | To Brasov | From Brasov | and much more

The airport in Brasov is open and the airline DAN AIR offers many flights to / from and of course back to many airports in Germany and all over Europe.

Flight information and also online booking (English):

DN240: Bucharest 07:00 – 09:45 Nuremberg (via Brasov)
DN240: Brasov 08:30 – 09:45 Nuremberg (direct)
DN241: Nuremberg 10:35 – 13:25 Brasov (direct)
DN241: Nuremberg 10:35 – 14:55 Bucharest (via Brasov)

DN270: Bucharest 07:20 – 10:45 Barcelona (T2) (via Brasov)
DN270: Brasov 08:30 – 10:45 Barcelona (T2) (direct)
DN271: Barcelona (T2) 11:35 – 15:30 Brasov (direct)
DN271: Barcelona (T2) 11:35 – 16:50 Bucharest (via Brasov)

DN253: Bucharest 07:00 – 09:25 Munich (T1B) (via Brasov)
DN253: Brasov 08:30 – 09:25 Munich (T1B) (direct)
DN253: Munich (T1B) 10:15 – 15:55 Brasov (via Brussels)
DN253: Munich (T1B) 10:15 – 17:15 Bucharest (via Brussels/Brasov)
DN253: Bucharest 07:00 – 12:30 Brussels (TB) (via Brasov/Munich)
DN253: Brasov 08:30 – 11:40 Brussels (TB) (via Munich)
DN253: Brussels (TB) 12:30 – 15:55 Brasov (direct)
DN253: Brussels (TB) 12:30 – 17:15 Bucharest (via Brasov)

DN254: Bucharest 07:05 – 09:40 Nuremberg (via Brasov)
DN254: Brasov 08:25 – 09:40 Nuremberg (direct)
DN254: Nuremberg 10:30 – 15:05 Brasov (via Stuttgart)
DN254: Nuremberg 10:30 – 16:30 Bucharest (via Stuttgart/Brasov)
DN254: Bucharest 07:05 – 11:20 Stuttgart (T1) (from Brasov / Nuremberg )
DN254: Brasov 08:25 – 11:20 Stuttgart (T1) (via Nuremberg)
DN254: Stuttgart (T1) 12:10 – 15:05 Brasov (direct)
DN254: Stuttgart (T1) 12:10 – 16:30 Bucharest (via Brasov)

DN255: Bucharest 08:15 – 10:50 London/LGW (South) (via Brasov)
DN255: Brasov 09:40 – 10:50 London/Gatwick (South) (direct)
DN256: London/Gatwick (South) 11:35 – 16:35 Brasov (direct)
DN256: London/Gatwick (South) 11:35 – 18:00 Bucharest (via Brasov)

DN287: Bucharest 07:00 – 11:20 Madrid (T1) (via Brasov)
DN287: Brasov 08:20-11:20 Madrid (T1) (direct)
DN288: Madrid (T1) 12:10 – 16:50 Brasov (direct)
DN288: Madrid (T1) 12:10 – 18:15 Bucharest (via Brasov)

DN285: Bucharest 07:00 – 11:35 Malaga (T3) (via Brasov)
DN285: Brasov 08:20 – 11:35 Malaga (T3) (direct)
DN286: Malaga (T3) 12:25 – 17:20 Brasov (direct)
DN286: Malaga (T3) 12:25 – 18:45 Bucharest (via Brasov)

Rupea Fortress Festival | 23-25 June | Brasov County

Those who have time from 23 June and are in Brasov County … should not miss it.

The Rupea Fortress Festival on Friday evening, Saturday evening and especially, the varied programme on Sunday from 12 noon for the afternoon / evening of the day.

More information Primăria Rupea

Rosenau | Rasnov | City & Fortress | Brasov County

https://kronstadt-erleben.de | https://discover-brasov.com

Romanian OpenAir Concert & Summer Party | Nuremberg

On Sunday, 25 June, the Romanian OpenAir Concert will take place from 10:00 to 22:00 on Jakobsplatz in the city of Nuremberg (twin city of Brasov in Germany). Admission is free and all visitors are welcome.

The Romanian Summer Festival will also take place in Nuremberg on 01 and 02 July! Make a note of the date now.

Brasov-Ghimbav Airport has opened and …

… the first planes are leaving the airport (here towards Nuremberg to Albrecht Dürer International Airport). Congratulations

From 19 June: Information & free guided tours | Black Church | Brasov

From Monday 19 June, about 50 young church guides will be waiting for visitors to the Black Church in Brasov.

On Radio Bucharest (in German) you can already read and listen to Monica Strava’s new report on this successful project. Several young people commented on the project “Young people support the Black Church in voluntary work”:

Information and picture: Honterusgemeinde – Black Church

The cave church at Sinca Veche Monastery

Sinca Veche Monastery is located in the commune of Sinca, Brasov County.

It is about 22 kilometres from the town of Fagaras. Sinca Veche was already mentioned in a letter from Pope Innocent III in 1204.

The cave church of Sinca Veche is also known by the names: the Temple of Prayer Fulfilment, the Temple of the Bears, the Cave Monastery and the Monastery Cave (templul implinirii rugaciunii, templul ursitelor, manastirea rupestra, peștera manastire).

Experience Brasov | Discover Brasov

Visit the five-language internet presentation of Discover Brasov and learn sooo much about the city and the surrounding area around it.

https://kronstadt-erleben.de (DE) | https://discover-brasov.com (EN, RO, FR, HEB)

The Oktoberfest 2023 in Brasov (Kronstadt)

O’zapft it is! Or, more accurately, will be soon!

The date is now official, and from 31 August to 10 September 2023, the Romanian Oktoberfest will take place in Brasov.

And for those who prefer not to travel by car, the Brașov-Ghimbav airport will start operating these days. With direct flights from Munich, Stuttgart and Nuremberg.