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Fortress | Fortified Church | Museum | Honigberg / Harman 😍😍🇷🇴

Honigberg Fortress in Transylvania, Brasov County, just a few kilometres from Brasov … beautiful.

An hour flies by and there is something for everyone: for history and story lovers, for Transylvania enthusiasts, for adventurers, for families with children who can explore the battlements and the way of life from long ago and so much more!

Our conclusion: The visit is 100% worthwhile

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Magura | Brasov County … beautiful 😍😍🇷🇴

Magura is a village in Brașov County and part of the municipality of Moieciu.

It is located on the eastern side of the Piatra Craiului Mountains, about six kilometres west of Bran Castle.

Viscri village and fortified church | Brasov county 😍😍🇷🇴

The village of Viscri (in German: Deutsch-Weisskirch, in Hungarian: Szaszfeheregyhaza) is located in the Brașov (Kronstadt) county in Transylvania.

It lies northwest of the town / castle of Rupea (in German: Reps) and southeast of the town of Sighișoara (in German: Schäßburg). The village had about 700 inhabitants between the 18th and 20th centuries, mainly Transylvanian Saxons plus a Romanian part of the village. Viscri is characterised by both the fortified church and the village structure, which was shaped by Saxon farms.

The village was founded by Transylvanian Saxons at the end of the 12th century and was first mentioned in documents in 1185. The fortified church stands at the north-western end of the village.

In the 12th century, Szekler (a Hungarian-speaking population group in eastern Transylvania) built a small Romanesque hall church here before the German settlers. In the 13th century, the church was extended. After the first Turkish invasions, the church was fortified in the 14th century and a defence ring with defence towers was built.

We thank Urlaub-in-Rumänien and the photographer of the pictures (September 2021) Brian Randall for permission to use them.

Synagogue in Brasov / Kronstadt 🇷🇴

Until the Second World War, around 800,000 Jews lived in Romania. In the 1950s, a strong emigration to Israel began.

After the political change in 1990, there was another strong emigration. Today, Jewish communities still exist in around 30 places in Romania. Most of the hundreds of synagogues and prayer houses were destroyed during the communist era. There are still two synagogues in Brasov. The one built in 1901 and located in the centre of the city can be visited daily (except on the Sabbath).

We would like to thank Mr Frank Schleßmann for sending us these wonderful pictures and the corresponding text/explanation.

Castelul Cantacuzino | Busteni | Landkreis Prahova 😍😍🇷🇴

Read more about: https://discover-brasov.com/en/cantacuzino-castle/

Town and fortress Rasnov 😍😍🇷🇴

Rasnov is located about 20 km from Brasov on the way to Bran. A small town with about 15 tds. It has a fortress with a wonderful view and a dinosaur park. The ideal destination for a visit with the whole family.

Brasov in April / spring 😍😍🇷🇴

Pictures from Brasov from April last year. A beautiful city with lots of history, nature, delicious food and sooo many things to discover 🥰

On the way to gorge 7 Scari | April 2023 | Brasov county | BEAUTIFUL 😍😍🇷🇴

Magura | Brasov County … beautiful 😍😍🇷🇴

Magura is a village in Brașov County and part of the municipality of Moieciu.

It is located on the eastern side of the Piatra Craiului Mountains, about six kilometres west of Bran Castle.

Beth Israel Synagogue – Neologa Synagogue 😍😍🇷🇴

The Beth Israel Synagogue in Brasov is a Jewish place of worship and one of the most beautiful in Europe with a small but active community that maintains with dedication the Jewish tradition.

It was built between 1899 and 1901 in neo-Gothic style with Moorish accents and since 2015 is on the List of Historical Monuments of Brasov.

Weavers’ Bastion (Romanian: Bastion Tesatorilor) 😍😍🇷🇴

The bastion, defended and maintained by the Linen Weavers’ Guild, was built in two stages between 1421 – 1436 and 1570 – 1573.

In the first phase, the first two levels of the three battle galleries were built. The upper galleries, built between 1570 and 1573, were for small arms, which could be used through narrow circular firing holes all along the way of the galleries. Two watchtowers were built for the guard, who watched over the city both from a military point of view and from the point of view of observing possible fires.

Brasov | In the middle of all 😍😍🇷🇴

in Transylvania / Siebenbürgen (German)

From above …. Brasov 😍😍🇷🇴

You should not miss in Brasov the ascent (the hike, approx. 1 hr. 30 min.) to Varful Tampa at 960 metres above sea level.

Right next to the BRASOV sign, there is a wonderful view over the city and the neighbouring region.

It is also possible to take the gondola, but apart from the costs, you will also have to put up with very long waiting times at times (at weekends).

The White Tower from Brasov 😍😍🇷🇴

If you want to see the whole old town from high above and have a dreamy view in front of your eyes, you should definitely come here.

Everything here seems magical and surreal and makes you wish time would stand still. The White Tower was built between 1460 and 1494 and still impresses today with the massiveness and suppleness of its architectural lines.

Read more about the White Tower and Brasov: https://discover-brasov.com

Brasov / Kronstadt | A wonderful travel destination in Transylvania 😍😍🇷🇴

Visit Brasov and experience the flair and the many facets of a wonderful city in Transylvania, Romania.

https://kronstadt-erleben.de | https://discover-brasov.com

TODAY | A dream day at Schuler ⛷️🎿❄️☀️ Poiana Brasov 😍😍🇷🇴

Today is a public holiday in Romania (Reunification Day) and many people use the time for a trip to the mountains.

Pictures of these minutes from the mountain Schuler from Poiana Brasov (German name Schulerau), city of Brasov (Kronstadt).

We thank Cristian Macedonschi for these as always wonderful pictures. Thank you Cristian 🥰


Pictures from these minutes from Poiana Brasov, city Brasov (Kronstadt) ☃️⛷

Our tip: Boutique Hotel Casa Chitic | Brasov 😍😍🇷🇴

The Boutique Hotel Casa Chitic has a perfect location in the centre (old town) of Brasov and is only a few metres away from the Black Church and the historic Town Hall Square.