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Brasov Zoo


Brașov Zoo is located in the middle of the forest and in recent years has been expanded from 4 to 10 hectares for the welfare and comfort of animals and visitors. Today it is home to more than 380 animals belonging to 110 species including: the Bengal white tiger, Bactrian camels, white lions, black and white swans, various species of fish and reptiles and snow leopards.

Among the educational activities for students is Green Week which offers extra-curricular and extra-curricular educational activities aimed at learning about the environment, whether it is climate change or exploring nature. These activities are aimed at pre-school, primary, secondary and high school students. Prices are very affordable for the general public so a zoo is worth a visit, especially for parents or teachers who want to delight their children with exotic animals.

Nicolae Titulescu Central Park Brasov

The park dates back to 1885 and bears the name of the university professor Nicolae Titulescu, where the statue celebrating him is located; it is the largest in the whole of Brasov. It is both suitable for a relaxing walk and for children’s activities, as there is a playground inside.

Being in the centre of Brasov, there are plenty of restaurants and places to visit in the surrounding area: just a few hundred metres away are the Council Square, the Art Museum, the Black Church, the Hirscher House, etc.

Parc Aventura Brașov


For those who are looking for adrenaline or are simply sports enthusiasts, Brasov also offers this option which is friendly for both adults and children in the largest adventure park in Eastern Europe. For those who just want to visit the park without participating in the sports activities, there is also this option for a reduced rate.

The park has 16 trails of progressive difficulty, which are marked in different colours. Safety is guaranteed thanks to the new harness system. There is a zipline called “the big zipline on the lake” and it is 300m out and 200m back. The park owners offer visitors a wide range of activities in addition to zip lines, such as off road for the little ones, bike rides and virtual games. Also, in a well-earned break from exertion, the park has a foodtruck and bar.