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Cantacuzino Castle

Cantacuzino Castle, also called ,,Zamora Castle” because of its location, was completed in 2011 and, like Peles Castle, it was home to a great Romanian family of the time, the family of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino. It later became privately owned and since then continues to be a major point of interest for both foreign tourists coming to Brasov and Romanians.

The courtyard of this castle is the first grand impression, stretching over 3.5 hectares, with fountains, trees lining both sides of the main alley and a small wooden chapel in the park dedicated to Saint George the Baptist, a consecration attended by Queen Maria of Romania and Princess Ileana. Of course, if the castle park wasn’t enough, the Cantacuzino estate is surrounded by 970ha of forest.

Inside the castle, the character is romantic, given by various elements of this style: the Murano glass windows, the carved oak doors, the Carrara marble staircases, the balusters carved in stone and of course the centrepiece, the gallery of murals in the central pavilion. Unfortunately these paintings were covered over during the communist period but in 2010 they were restored to the form we all know now; since 2015 a dedicated art gallery has been opened to showcase the works of famous artists. Last but not least, apart from this extraordinary cultural experience there is also the possibility to relax at one of the two terrace restaurants with breathtaking views and quality service.

It is worth mentioning that this castle impresses nowadays great international artists including the director Tim Burton who chose the Cantacuzino estate for the filming of the most appreciated series of 2022, Wednesday.