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Poiana Brașov

Poiana Brasov is the mountain resort that has an unbeatable reputation due to its history among the top destinations in Romania. Since 1906 when it is recognized as a winter resort, Poiana Brasov has continued to remain the most loved place by both tourists and Romanians due to the parts accessible to both beginners and more advanced and, of course, due to the breathtaking landscapes.

Besides the experiences that visitors have in winter, this resort is no less in summer: hiking is not excluded from the sporting activities, those who venture on the mountain paths are delighted by some spectacular views; those in search of adrenaline can paraglide from Vf. Postavaru (1800 m), go ATV riding or go horse riding in nature. Last but not least, the culinary experiences and the comfort guaranteed by the restaurants and hotels in the resort are enough to blow away any visitor.

Poiana Brasov (German: Schulerau) is located above Brasov (Kronstadt) at the foot of the Postăvarul Mountain (German: Schuler, height 1,799 meters), which marks the border between the Southern and Eastern Carpathians.

Many summer and winter leisure activities await visitors in and around Poiana Brasov.

Poiana Brasov has 12 ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, sports fields, a lake, discos, bars and restaurants. Accommodation is provided in luxury hotels, guesthouses, villas or chalets. There is also an ambulance and a police station in Poiana as well as a post office.

Ski slopes

Poiana Brasov resort (in the cold season) offers tourists a ski area made up of slopes of all levels of difficulty.

Slope nameLength (m.)Altitude difference (m.)Difficulty grade
Red Road3821630easy