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Brasov (Kronstadt) is always worth a visit. The old town delights in many ways and although it is in the middle of the city, within minutes you are immediately in the middle of nature on both sides. Brasov (in German Kronstadt, in Hungarian Brasso) was first mentioned in 1234 and is now one of the most important economic, cultural and sports centres in Transylvania and a top tourist centre in Romania.

Brasov: Lăptic - sketch comedy


Brasov: Crina and the talking puppets - show for children


Brasov: Bluesferatu concert


Brasov: Suicide clinic by Gabriela Mihalache

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The city of Brasov fascinates you regardless of the season due to its culture, architecture and history that will surprise you at every step. Thanks to its numerous historical and artistic monuments, Brasov is one of the most famous and important tourist centers in Romania.

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Brasov is the city that attracts many tourists every year, being one of the best preserved cities that can be visited regardless of the season. The medieval fortresses and walls are still accessible and can still tell stories full of history and culture.

Arriving in Brasov in the Old Centre or “kilometre 0” we will find the most important historical monuments, terraces, restaurants and shops, practically the highest density of cultural objectives waiting to be visited. Here cultural and artistic events, concerts and thematic fairs are frequently organized.

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Brasov, the Latin name Corona and in German Kronstadt which means “Crown City” is located in the center of the country and is one of the most visited cities in Romania.
A mixture of architectural styles give authenticity and brilliance to the city making it unique by the presence of Gothic, Baroque or Renaissance style buildings that annually attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.


Brasov | Kronstadt

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