Surroundings | Făgăraș Fortress

Făgăraș Fortress

Another fortress with an impressive history is the Făgăraș Fortress whose construction began in 1310 and was completed in the 16th century. It was given by the ruler of the time, Michael the Brave, to his wife and his family and treasure were housed here. Unfortunately, the fortress was used as a prison during the communist period.

Outside is a lake surrounding the fortress which is imposing anyway, making the atmosphere one of fairy tales with fairies. This oasis of tranquillity is best visited in summer or spring as swans will make their appearance on the lake. The Făgăraș Museum is located in the fortress and among the objects that can be seen are even medieval torture objects; on the walls you can read descriptions of the tortures that took place here during communism, so the dark history of this place contrasts with the silence outside. To preserve the medieval atmosphere, the fortress guard makes an appearance on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am.