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NEW! Now also in Hungarian and Spanish 😍😍🇷🇴

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Hanul Simon | Bran | Brasov County 😍😍🇷🇴

The Simon guesthouse is surrounded by meadows and hills and enjoys an excellent location. Excursions to the surrounding mountains and cheese and wine tastings can be organised on request.

About the guesthouse: https://hanulsimon.ro/

Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle, is also located in the municipality of Bran.

Fortress / Rasnov Castle 😍😍🇷🇴

About 20 km from Brasov (German Kronstadt), on the way to Bran, lies Rașnov (German Rosenau).

A small town with about 15,000 inhabitants, a fortress and a dinosaur park. In the 14th century the fortress was built above the town on the limestone cliffs, and in 1623 and 1640 it was extended by a well 80 fathoms deep (a historical German measure of length, 80 fathoms are about 140 metres).

The Rasnov Dinopark is located right next to the fortress. So nothing stands in the way of a nice family outing.

The Peles Castle 😍😍🇷🇴

An hour’s drive from Brasov in the direction of Bucharest is Peles Castle.

It is one of the most beautiful castles in Romania, located in the Prahova Valley and close to the city of Sinaia.

The Oktoberfest 2023 in Brasov 😍😍🇷🇴

O’zapft is! or to be more precise, it will be soon! From 31 August to 10 September 2023, the Romanian Oktoberfest will take place in Brasov.

Book tickets online:

And if you prefer not to travel by car or train, Brasov-Ghimbav Airport offers direct flights from Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and many other cities in Europe.

05 July 2023 | Brasov | Seen from Mount Tampa 😍😍🇷🇴

Recent images of Brasov seen from Mount Tampa.

Mount Tampa is part of the Postavarul mountain massif, in the southern part of the Eastern Carpathians and almost completely surrounded by the city of Brasov. Its altitude is 960 metres above N.N. and it rises almost 400 metres above the city.

We thank Mr Mihai Stan for sending us the pictures.

Hotel “The Fort Boutique” | Rasnov (Rosenau) | Brasov County 😍😍🇷🇴

The 5* hotel “Das Fort Boutique” is a wonderful ensemble of reborn houses, which have been transformed into guest houses with much skill, knowledge and elegance, with an exquisite gourmet restaurant and secluded quiet areas.

About the hotel: https://dasfortboutique.ro/

The old blends with the new, here you feel neither transported back in time nor hurled into the future, but into the beautiful present that has been carefully crafted.

The hotel is located at the foot of the citadel / fortress Rosenau (Rasnov) and is a centre for many eventful trips in the surroundings.

Our tip: Harman | Honigberg | Brasov County 😍😍🇷🇴

Honigberg (in Saxon Huntschprich, in Hungarian Szaszhermany) is a commune and place, one of the most famous fortified churches, in Brasov County in the Transylvania region.

This fortified church is a completely preserved small fortress with the church at its centre. Besides an interesting museum, you can also visit the battlements, the tower and the church. You must have seen it and it is also for families with children, because of the many corridors, stairs and more … an exciting and wonderful experience 🥰

About the place: In 1211, the Hungarian King Andrew II granted the Burzenland to the Teutonic Knights, who settled here, built castles, brought German settlers into the country and founded villages, including Honigberg.

The first documentary mention was in 1240 under Mons Mellis (“mountain of honey”). At that time, King Bela IV granted the Cistercian Order patronage over the churches of Marienburg, Petersberg, Honigberg and Tartlau.

Brasov – Ghimbav Airport 😍😍🇷🇴

Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport had more than 3,000 passengers in the first two weeks.

According to a press release from Brasov-Ghimbav Airport, there were 43 landings and take-offs in 16 days.

Flights were primarily operated by the airline DAN AIR, charter flights to Turkey and Greece by travel agencies and private aircraft.

Currently, you can fly from Brasov – Ghimbav Airport with DAN AIR to and from destinations in the following countries:

✈️ Germany- Nuremberg, Munich and Stuttgart
✈️ Belgium – Brussels
✈️ England – London
✈️ Spain – Barcelona Valencia, Madrid and Malaga

as well as from 3 July
✈️ Italy – Rome

Photo sources: Dan Air and Brasov – Ghimbav International Airport
Text: Cristian Macedonschi